James Gallagher posts unapologetic statement after crushing Bellator KO 4 years ago

James Gallagher posts unapologetic statement after crushing Bellator KO

The 21-year-old is not for changing.

Anyone expecting James Gallagher to be cowed by his emphatic knock-out loss, at Bellator 204, will be in for a shock.


The 'Strabanimal' started well against Ricky Bandejas but a flurry of heavy punches and kicks saw his lights dimmed as he suffered the first loss of his professional career. Having been out of the fight game 14 months, a highlight reel KO was the last thing the Strabane native needed.

Given the amount of hype behind the young MMA star, his first major stumble was met with glee by many in the fight community. As a Straight Blast Gym teammate of Conor McGregor, Gallagher's highs and lows always get extra spotlight.



Gallagher did not get a chance to speak after he was brutally finished off but he did post his immediate take on the fight once he reached his dressing room.

Taking to Instagram, Gallagher was unapologetic and vowed he was not for changing. He wrote:

'He caught me I got beat fair [and] square. I’m 21 years old; I’m still a fucking animal; I will be back!! I love this game. It’s what I do.

'I’m down but not broke; he caught me lucky; I got clipped; I went in on my Shield, I’ll go out on it. I’m an animal.

'Fair play to him the whole game knows him now. Let’s go again. I’m coming back!

'Thank you everyone for all the support. To everyone glad, fuck you ha ha I just got paid your years salary for doing something I love. I put my money where my mouth is!

'Thanks for the support I’ll be back December. There’s no one who has done what I have at 21 years old. I’m still that cocky mother fucker I am when I win and I’m still that cocky mother fucker when I lose. Thank you to everyone whose behind me.'

If you love Gallagher, you'll love the post.


For those that view him in a less than favourable light, more grist for the mill.