Irish MMA fighters engage in massively entertaining war of words on Twitter 5 years ago

Irish MMA fighters engage in massively entertaining war of words on Twitter

This is an early candidate for Twitter feud of the year

Irish MMA fans were treated to a massively entertaining war of words between two Irish fighters this weekend. The action kicked off when Derry welterweight Tommy Quinn sent out a tweet imploring the public to pressure the UFC to sign more Irish athletes to their roster.

Quinn cited Conor McGregor, Norman Parke and Neil Seery as the catalysts for the recent influx of Irish fighters into the world's largest MMA promotion. He asked the public to get behind fighters such as Paul Redmond, Tommy McCafferty,Ryan Roddy, Alan Philpott and, naturally enough, himself and start a campaign to get them signed up by Uncle Dana.

However, Artem Lobov, who trains under John Kavanagh at Dublin's Straight Blast Gym seemed to take offence to not being named in Quinn's post. The featherweight implied that Quinn's lack of fights in recent years means that he was undeserving of a UFC contract.

An MMA scribe tried to insert some humour into the clearly tense situation. Unfortunately for the writer, it came at the the expense of Lobov. Another Irishman, Peter Queally entered into the fray. Queally contested that Quinn, who fights out of Newcastle, England, was some sort of a turncoat.

The journo, perhaps foolishly, brought up the fact that the first Irish fighter to be signed to the promotion, Tom Egan, is now based in the States. Queally came back with a below the belt burn to put him in his place. The Ultimate Fighter 19 contestant, Chris 'The Killing' Fields thoroughly enjoyed the retort.

While all this was going on, Quinn and Lobov continued to slug it out. Cue hilarity.