PIC: Sage Northcutt had more defined abs at 7 years old than most of us could ever dream of 6 years ago

PIC: Sage Northcutt had more defined abs at 7 years old than most of us could ever dream of

Sage Northcutt doesn't know what it means to be out of shape.

The 20-year-old has one of the most impressively sculpted physiques in modern mixed martial arts.


The aptly named 'Super' Sage got right back in the win column at UFC 200 when he took a unanimous decision over Enrique Marin, six months after his first ever career defeat.

And as talented a striker as he is, his appearance is often more talked about than his talents in the Octagon.

"I know how hard I've trained since I was a little kid," Northcutt told Yahoo!'s Kevin Iole last December. "I've been dieting for 15 years."


On Sunday, Northcutt tweeted the above picture of himself alongside his sister and it proves that his six-pack is not exactly a new phenomenon.

Such is his muscle-bound build that he's inevitably going to receive the steroid accusation from certain critics and previous opponent Cody Pfister levelled just that allegation at the lightweight superstar.



But Northcutt maintains that it's all down to hard work, hard training and protein shakes through his childhood.

"I've been on strict diets the whole time and eating right and training hard the whole time," he said.

"I've worked to be where I am right now. Since I was four, I've been eating egg whites, fish, grilled chicken, rice, vegetables, super lean hamburger meat, foods like that, ever since I was just a little kid. I was drinking protein shakes back then."