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12th Apr 2016

IAPA set up gofundme page to help cover funeral costs of Joao Carvalho

Please give what you can

Darragh Murphy

MMA fans who have some money to spare, please donate what you can afford.

The Irish Amateur Pankration Association have set up a gofundme page in an attempt to raise funds for Joao Carvalho’s funeral costs.

Carvalho passed away on Monday evening, two nights after losing via TKO in a Dublin mixed martial arts event called Total Extreme Fighting.


The Portuguese welterweight responded well initially to medical tests before reporting feelings of illness and being taken to hospital.

Carvalho’s death has been met with heartbreak in the entire MMA community, particularly in Ireland, and the IAPA, whose president is SBG head coach John Kavanagh, have moved quickly to set up a fundraising page.

John Kavanagh 24/10/2015

An IAPA statement reads: “It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Portuguese MMA competitor, Joao Carvalho. On Saturday, April 9, Joao suffered a medical issue following his bout at Total Extreme Fighting (TEF) Championship at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. Our condolences and thoughts are with Joao’s family and friends.

“We kindly ask the MMA community to give their support to Joao’s family by donating to this fund to help cover funeral and related costs. Every small donation will help.

“Please share and encourage others to generously give their support to the family of Joao Carvalho.”