"He's running from the bout in Moscow" 3 years ago

"He's running from the bout in Moscow"

McGregor is excited to get back into the octagon.

The former World Champion announced his comeback fight will be held on January 18th 2020 at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, USA. He mentioned that he will be in camp for 12 weeks before the bout and the fight would be "the beginning of my season". He also proclaimed that a "fully focused" and "notorious" McGregor would return. As to who his possible opponent could be, he added:


"As far as the opponent, I have the opponent's name but for me, the game I am in and from experience...I know the UFC would flip it because they are a crafty company."

"Ask the UFC who the opponent is because I do not give a f**k who the opponent is," he said in his Press Conference.

He did add though that he would aim to compete against the winner of Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for the "bad motherf***** title". Following which he would seek the Moscow bout which would be against the winner of Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. On Nurmagomedov, he added:

"I can't even say the guy's name, who gives a f**k what the guy's name is?"


When asked if his rematch with Khabib was an official statement, he replied:

"Well, you know, he is afraid of the Moscow bout for whatever reason, I'm not sure. Does he represent Russia? I don't think he does represent Russia....he is running from the bout in Moscow. The public want it, the people want it. His own father wants it (but) he does not want it."

"This is an inevitable rematch, we know this...I will tell him this, 'you can run but you cannot hide.' But trust me, I am coming for him!"


The Khabib rant continued a little later when he was asked by a Russian journalist why he didn't attend Khabib's fight against Poirier in Abu Dhabi, to which he replied:

"I was not interested in the bout, why would I? No...I was not excited by the bout at all."

"The man sniffs jockstraps for a living, he sniffs buttholes for a living! If you want to know what my ass smells like, just ask Khabib because he smelled it for the entire first round. And also, if you want to know what my knuckle feels like or tastes like, just ask his blood brother and his cousin."

He wasn't done though, adding:


"I simply speak the truth, I simply speak fact. It was 15 seconds into round number 1 – he dove for my legs and held on, for the entire first round, he held on to my legs and had a good smell of my sweaty jockstrap!"