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19th Apr 2015

GIF: UFC matchmaker caught on camera hilariously refusing hug from fighter

No love for Means

Ben Kiely

By any Means necessary.

Tim Means scored a phenomenal submission victory over George Sullivan on the early prelims of UFC on Fox 15.

Means locked in an arm-triangle choke from the top position to force the tap from Sullivan and earn himself premature contendership status from colour commentator Joe Rogan.

At the end of the fight Means called an MMA website for branding him as a one-dimensional Means shouted “Bleacher Report, you suck!” down the camera in his post-fight Octagon interview with Rogan.

However, we think poor ol’ Means was just a bit testy after UFC matchmaker refused to show him love after the bout. The cameras picked up on Joe Silva blatantly pushing the fighter away as he went in for a hug.

Looks like poor Means is in the friendzone with Silva. Either that or the matchmaker just really didn’t want a big, sweaty man-hug ruining his suit.

Hat-tip to Reddit