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15th Mar 2015

GIF: Sergio Pettis gets the Bishop Brennan treatment at UFC 185


Ben Kiely

UFC 185 was a night to forget for the Pettis clan.

Both Anthony and younger brother Sergio had a torrid time in Dallas last night. Anthony lost his belt after being comprehensively beaten by underdog Rafael dos Anjos in the main event and Sergio was on the receiving end of a nasty TKO at the hands of Ryan Benoit.

Benoit spent the entirety of the first round being outclassed by Sergio, and it looked like victory was an inevitability for the lightweight champ former lightweight champ’s younger sibling. However, the course of the bout changed drastically when Benoit landed flush with a forceful left hook to earn him the biggest scalp of his career.

To add insult to injury, Pettis got a fine boot up the hole off Benoit for his troubles as well. Talk about kicking a lion when he’s down.