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02nd Dec 2014

GIF: Amateur MMA fighter attempts ‘Showtime’ kick with less than impressive results

God loves a tryer

Darragh Murphy

Anthony Pettis’ ‘Showtime’ kick on Benson Henderson in the final ever WEC event has gone down as one of the most creative, beautiful moves in the history of MMA.

The current UFC lightweight champion landed the legendary strike on Henderson four years ago on his way to sealing the WEC 155lb strap.

And this amateur MMA fighter thought that he might chance his arm with his version of the kick at a Warrior Camp’s event over the weekend but failed miserably. Actually, is there a word for “worse than miserably”?

The fighter in the black rashguard seems to have been caught in two minds whether to throw a kick or a Superman punch off the cage and he ends up falling with all the grace of a Johnny Vegas seduction.

Leave it to the pros buddy.

Hat-tip to Deadspin.



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