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26th Jul 2015

Elizabeth Phillips’ wardrobe malfunction proves that the Reebok fight kits still need work

Well that's a first

Darragh Murphy

Fight fans tuning in to the undercard of Dillashaw v Barao II got a little more than they bargained for.

The Fight Pass prelims featured a women’s bantamweight fight between Elizabeth Phillips and Jessamyn Duke and, while Phillips came out on top, she will be rightly pissed off about the way the fight ended.

As Duke threw up a last-gasp armbar, Phillips defended the submission but her nipple was exposed when her sports bra rode up her chest due to the friction.

The wardrobe malfunction took place just weeks after the UFC’s Reebok fight kits were unveiled and the suitability of the gear for competition has now been brought into question because female fighters in the UFC have never had this issue take place in times when they have selected their own fight attire.

Without a doubt some alterations need to be made because fighters have enough to be concerned about in the fight game without worrying about their breasts being broadcast to thousands of people.