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13th Sep 2017

Eight core-strength exercises only an absolute specimen would even attempt

Train like a UFC star

Ben Kiely


Unless your name is Tony Ferguson, we do not recommend that you try these exercises at home.

Scratch that, Tony Ferguson is probably a common enough name.

Let’s try that again. Unless you’re fighting for an interim UFC title… oh wait, that’s all too common these days too.

Just don’t try these unless you’re under the supervision of a ‘qualified professional,’ ok?

Crawling like a wild animal down seven flights of stairs

Pfft… toddlers crawl all the time. How hard can it be?

Probably a lot harder than it looks. And it looks pretty damn hard.

There is no spoon

This one’s simple. All you need to do is stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your arms outstretched.

Oh yeah, the twist is you must defy gravity in the process. You’ll need to stand horizontally with your feet against a wall and one arm on the floor for support.

It’s real easy… for the first few seconds.

Gym ball summersaults

Jump shoulder-first into a gym ball and try to land on your feet.

Repeat a few dozen times without rest and you’re golden… or potentially, paralysed.

Gym ball hammer swings

So you’ve mastered the last gym ball exercise? Time to kick things up a notch.

Stand up on your ball, pick up something long and heavy and start swinging it around (if you made the obvious joke there, congrats, you’re as juvenile as us).

Repeat until you fall off, preferably before you suffer a hernia.

Jason Bourne jumps

Ok, you’ve caught us. We don’t actually know the technical names for all these exercises.

Stack up a load of mats and leap head-first onto your hands and tumble your way to safety.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Horizontal bar… thingies 

Now for this one, you’ll want to find yourself a really sturdy swing set.

Once you find the perfect one, just hoist yourself up, contort your body and hold it horizontally to the ground.

Horizontal bar windshield wipers

Starting with your knees to your chest and your head pointed towards the ground, pull your legs away from your body and put them in a sitting position. Then just rock them from side-to-side like a windshield wiper on a rainy day.

Gymnastics rings

Eh… do what he does and er, eh, don’t fuck yourself up in the process.

Once you’ve all that done, you can cool off by fighting top contender Kevin Lee over five rounds. The interim lightweight title fight is set to headline UFC 216 on October 7.