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20th May 2015

Eddie Bravo tries to rope Joe Rogan into $1,000 bet on McGregor v Aldo

Rogan was having none of it

Darragh Murphy

We reckon it’d be a little bit difficult for Joe Rogan to remain impartial when he’s got $1,000 on the line.

The UFC commentator was recently offered a bet on the outcome of McGregor v Aldo by BJJ black belt and best friend Eddie Bravo but he masterfully avoided taking his wallet out.

“Hey, a thousand bucks – I got Conor you got Aldo,” Bravo said to Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience last weekend.

The former Fear Factor host dodged the wager by saying: “Oh my goodness, what is going on? Eddie Bravo became some crazy thousand dollar gambler. Once you give him a bankroll, he’s off to the races.”

The pair, as well as UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, were discussing the fluctuating betting line of the UFC 189 main event and, while Rogan and Schaub sided with the champion, Bravo held firm with his McGregor backing.

Bravo has been a massive fan of the Irish featherweight for some time, ever since McGregor visited his gym and didn’t hesitate to roll with some of Bravo’s most experienced black belts.

Bravo said of the experience: “That showed me he’s not afraid to grapple and train and work with whoever on the ground to improve his grappling. That’s huge! So from that point I thought, that’s why he’s good. He’s looking to evolve.”