Jolie Poirier certainly let her voice be heard after her husband's win over McGregor 2 years ago

Jolie Poirier certainly let her voice be heard after her husband's win over McGregor

"If that's the case, I'm going to go sell hot sauce."

Jolie Poirier would probably prefer it if her husband kept to his post-fight vow, but selling box-loads of hot sauce may never prove as exciting as seeing her husband dismantle Conor McGregor.


For the first time in McGregor's 27-fight career, he was defeated by a knock-out/TKO. Referee Herb Dean jumped in to prevent Poirier from inflicting any more damage on McGregor after he had knocked him to the mat with a series of punches.

Having been with her husband all the way through fight week, Jolie Poirier was the first person he sought out after one of the biggest wins of his career.


Poirier and his wife run 'The Good Fight Foundation', a non-profit that seeks to help young people in Louisiana by getting them involved in training programmes, as well as organising food drives and fundraisers for local schools and hospitals.

The idea for the foundation first came when 'The Diamond' and his wife struck upon the idea of auctioning off his UFC fight kits and ensuring the money got back to needy children in Louisiana. Following their title fight in April 2020, Khabib Nurmagomedov kindly offered Poirier his fight kit to be auctioned off.

Poirier and McGregor were initially going to have a sparring match to raise money for the foundation, but when the UFC heard about it, they locked both men into a more lucrative bout agreement. McGregor held true to his word, though, and his company is making a $500,000 donation to The Good Fight that Poirier says will go a long way in his community.

Jolie Poirier swears to Gawd!


Once the Octagon door closed, however, it was down to business. Poirier ate some good shots from McGregor but his leg kicks did a lot of damage and his punches finished the job. When the fight ended, Jolie Poirier certainly made her voice heard. She proclaimed:

"I told you! That's the last time you're gonna doubt my husband, I swear to God!"


With UFC president Dana White admitting he has doubts if Khabib Nurmagomedov will return to defend his belt, Poirier is leading contender for a crack at gold.

He believes he should be crowned champion with that win over McGregor and says Michael Chandler, who also won at UFC 257, should go fight Charles Oliveira next. If he is forced to fight Oliveira for the belt, Poirier maintains he would be happy to drop his gloves and go sell his very own Louisiana hot sauce.