Donald Cerrone explains how Conor McGregor's trash talk is different 8 months ago

Donald Cerrone explains how Conor McGregor's trash talk is different

Donald Cerrone has come up against every kind of opponent in his storied career.

He's faced trash talkers like Mike Perry. He's fought no-nonsense fighters like Nate Diaz. And he's experienced what it's like to take part in a completely respectful build-up opposite the likes of Yancy Medeiros.

Cerrone remains hopeful of securing the most lucrative bout of his career to date after Conor McGregor seemingly agreed to meet 'Cowboy' in the Octagon next, having been impressed by the veteran's stunning victory over Alex Hernandez on Saturday night.

Cerrone had to put up with plenty of mental warfare in the final press conference last week, when Hernandez took every available opportunity to mock his opponent.

'Cowboy' insists that he doesn't usually get riled by trash talk but given the fact that he was putting himself through hell to get back down to 155lbs after a stint at welterweight, he was finding it difficult to tolerate Hernandez's barbs.

"At the press conference, cutting weight, irritable? 'Dude, listen here you little fucker' – that’s how I felt. If he said something about my wife or my kid, I would have ripped his fucking heart out right there," Cerrone said in his post-fight press conference.

"It drives me so crazy how these guys in the back are standing right next to you. All of a sudden they get in front of the camera, they get in front of you guys, and they just run their free speech. That's not me. I'll track you down and beat the fuck out of you."

With UFC President Dana White seemingly on board for McGregor vs. Cerrone, the Denver native hastened to point out that 'The Notorious' is different with his trash talk.

"But Conor's witty and smart. He has funny, crafty shit—not stupid," Cerrone said of his potential future opponent.

McGregor and Cerrone have exchanged words before, at a press conference back in 2015, but 'Cowboy' didn't take anything the Irishman said to heart.

"That's the media beefing up a rivalry, not us. I was just telling him to watch how he talks out in public," Cerrone added.

"That's what I wanted to talk about. This young kid (Hernandez). I don't understand why they have to come in... Like, have some fucking respect. I'm going to fight you the same way if I'm happy and shaking your hand.

"Like Yancy Medeiros, what a great guy. That fight was so honourable. It was cool and he shook my hand like it was a true professional sport. It was cool. I'm still going to go in there and try to beat your ass. It doesn't make any difference.

"I wish these young kids coming into the game wouldn’t model themselves after Colby (Covington). Be something that people can follow you on Instagram—something kids want to dress up as for Halloween."