Donald Cerrone breaks records and opponent's arm to close out heroic homecoming 2 years ago

Donald Cerrone breaks records and opponent's arm to close out heroic homecoming

Mike Perry has confirmed that his arm was broken by Donald Cerrone on Saturday night.

Cerrone came out victorious in the JacksonWink grudge match with a first-round armbar after capitalising on a tactical error from Perry.


With the win, 'Cowboy' broke the records for most victories in the UFC (surpassing the 20 currently held by Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre) and most finishes in the UFC (surpassing the 14 of Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort).

Cerrone's victory represented his first win in his hometown of Denver, Colorado since 2012 and the event was a monumental one as it marked the 25th anniversary of the first ever UFC event in Mile High City.

Perry, who talked plenty of trash in the build-up to Saturday's bout, admitted after the defeat that he'd broken his arm and Cerrone claimed to have heard the damage being done as he cinched up the submission.

"I felt it pop before I went belly down," Cerrone said . "So the rest was just tearing the chicken wing off, yeah. I was taking it home with me."


Following a 10-fight spell at welterweight, Cerrone now intends to return to 155lbs in the hope of setting up a title fight before he retires.

And whoever happens to welcome 'Cowboy' back to lightweight better mind his Ps and Qs on the mat because all it takes is one slip-up and Cerrone will take advantage.


"Once I seen the clock, there was 30 seconds left — the monitor was right above me," Cerrone said while analysing his submission on Saturday. "I was like, oh I better spin for this armbar. I did. He should have rolled the other way out of it, I don’t know why he didn’t. I was like, ‘Gotcha.’ So I went belly down on it. I was just gonna take it until the referee pulled me off."