Despite fracturing skull in July, 'Cyborg' Santos intends to fight again before year is out 6 years ago

Despite fracturing skull in July, 'Cyborg' Santos intends to fight again before year is out

Injuries don't come much more career-threatening than receiving a gigantic dent in one's head.

Most fighters would have counted their blessings to be alive after fracturing their skull, went under the knife before gratefully hanging up their gloves, safe in the knowledge that they'd never have to go through that again.


But Evangelista Santos is not like most fighters.

'Cyborg' suffered a fractured skull in July when a thudding knee from British prospect Michael Page connected with the centre of his forehead and left a gruesome mark in their Bellator 158 meeting.

A post-fight X-ray confirmed the injury, which was referred to as "the worst MMA injury I've ever seen" by respected UFC commentator Joe Rogan.


And after successful surgery, many thought that the retirement announcement from Santos, a veteran of the sport, would be imminent.

Think again!

Just over six weeks removed from the sickening injury, Santos has revealed that he's planning on a return to training, with the almost unfathomable aim of fighting again before 2016 is out.


"I had a great recovery," Santos told MMA Fighting. "This time off was super important for me. I was so busy doing other stuff that I didn’t even notice how fast his month has passed. It was really uncomfortable three or four days after the surgery, but after that I pretty much rested and studied.

"I plan on coming back to training next week and fighting in December," he added. "This is my plan. But before I make any decision, I will listen to what the doctors have to say. I have an appointment with the doctor next week to find out if he really clears me to train again, but I’m feeling super fine."


Some people are just born to be fighters and 'Cyborg' Santos most certainly falls into that category.

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