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19th Sep 2018

Ronda Rousey may be set to face off with the one opponent we never thought possible in 2019

Michael Corry

cyborg wrestlemania

For years MMA fans dreamt of a fight between Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg, however it never came to fruition.

Ronda Rousey took the MMA world by storm. The Olympic bronze medallist blitzed her way through opponents and promotions with ease, to the point that the UFC decided to back track on previous claims that women would never fight under their banner.

Rousey not only fought in the UFC, she became their biggest star.

cyborg rousey

Cris Cyborg on the other hand has been competing in MMA since 2005, and in 2009 became the first women to ever headline a card when she faced off against Gina Carano in Strikeforce. Despite her dominance, it would take Cyborg until 2017 before she would make her UFC debut.

The two women have long been the biggest stars in women’s MMA, and a match up between the two had been speculated about for years, unfortunately for various reasons it never actually happened.

All seemed lost as Rousey suffered back-to-back defeats effectively ending her MMA career before she started competing in professional wrestling, whilst Cyborg has gone from strength to strength and has almost cemented her legacy as the greatest female fighter of all time.

cyborg rousey

As Rousey continues to grow under the WWE banner, Cyborg is preparing to fight bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes in a champion vs champion bout, making a match-up between the pair increasingly unlikely.

That was until news was reported that WWE officials are currently in talks with Cyborg for her to make the jump over to the professional wrestling circuit and fight Rousey on the grandest stage of them all… Wrestlemania.

Ariel Helwani broached the subject with the featherweight champion on his MMA show, where Cyborg refused to shoot down the possibility of a fight between the two.

“If it is happening, maybe we can give all the fans the fight they never (got to) see. Whether it’s UFC, MMA or WWE, I think it would be great for all the fans if they would like to watch.”

When asked if she would be interested if the deal was right Cyborg made her intentions clear, whilst also leaving plenty of speculation up in the air for fans.

cyborg rousey

“Yes, it would be great… I talked with WWE about maybe doing some training there, but news coming soon. I don’t want to say too much for now.”

Helwani, a huge professional wrestling fan got excited at the prospect of the two finally facing off, something that fans have been crying out for since 2012.

“Yeah, it would be crazy.” said Cyborg. 

Wow, whilst it is not the dream match-up between the two that fans longed for, it is intriguing none the less.