Conor McGregor's coach unsure as to whether next fight will be his last 3 years ago

Conor McGregor's coach unsure as to whether next fight will be his last

Owen Roddy is unsure as to whether Conor McGregor will retire following his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It has been two years since we last seen the SBG fighter grace the Octagon, which has led to many speculating as to whether he will retire following his UFC return.


The money McGregor was able to bank from his foray into boxing also makes retirement look like a possibility for the Dublin native.

However, long-time stiking coach Owen Roddy is unsure as to what the Crumlin fighters next move will be following the highly anticipated bout with Khabib.

Speaking to Peter Carroll on his Eurobash podcast Roddy said, "I don’t know…I don’t think (he will retire)... I don’t look into the future to see what’s happening. Conor’s mentality hasn’t changed at all, so I don’t know."

The SBG coach believes that McGregor's future (as is normally the case) will come down to whether any big fights are presented to him that make financial sense and get the fans excited.

"I always say, it depends on what fights are available, I think, for Conor. As I said, if there is another big super fight and Conor feels like he would enjoy it, then he’ll do it. If the fans want it and stuff like that, I think Conor will take it," said Roddy.


Roddy highlighted that this fight with Khabib is the possibly the biggest fight ever, and if another follows then it will probably be even bigger, such is the trajectory in which McGregor's career has gone thus far.

"You never know, who knows? We’re just going to focus on the task at hand now. This is potentially the biggest fight ever. We’ll go in and do that and then he’ll probably be on to the next biggest fight ever."