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25th Sep 2018

The man behind Conor McGregor’s last weight cut reveals the most obvious reason your diet is failing

So simple


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Sometimes it’s the most obvious things, staring us right in the face, that we completely miss.

Georges Lockhart, the fighter-turned-nutritionist, has come across one of the biggest reasons why people’s diet fail. It’s almost painfully obvious and so easy to remedy too. Lockhart, the man responsible for helping McGregor cut weight to make the 145lb featherweight limit, revealed it in a fascinating video blog with Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi.

“One of the biggest ones (mistakes) is calories in, calories out theory,” Lockhart says.

“A lot of people are like ‘I’ve got to cut back’ and what they do is they eat when they’re hungry. They’re like ‘I’m motivated and I want to lose weight and I’m driven and this is what I want to do’ and they’re like ‘I’m not hungry and I’m not going to eat’.

“They’re not hungry and they don’t eat, and don’t eat and don’t eat and then all of a sudden all your hormones – your ghrelin and everything else just takes over and you’re starving.

“You get to the house and you’re like ‘nachos and sandwiches and pizza and eating everything under the sun. You’re no longer in control of your hunger.”

This probably sounds very, very familiar to everyone reading this. But then Lockhart lands the killer blow…

“So when we work with people we want to say ‘Are you hungry? No. That’s the perfect time to eat.”

Mind blown. It’s so blatantly obvious, and so ridiculously simple. But it makes so much sense.

“You want to eat when you’re not hungry. Why? Because you’re in control of your hunger – not only in control of how much you eat, but also what you eat.

“So you’re not really hungry so you’re like ‘I could have squash or whatever – I don’t really care because I’m not hungry.

“So stay ahead of the hunger – that’s the biggest thing I can tell you. You’ve got to remove the struggle, don’t fight the struggle.”

Watch from 17:30 to 20:00 to heat George dropping knowledge bombs on how to avoid this huge diet mistake…