The surprisingly great and excruciatingly dumb insults Conor McGregor has had to endure 5 years ago

The surprisingly great and excruciatingly dumb insults Conor McGregor has had to endure

Conor McGregor is up there with the all-time greatest shit talkers.

When Conor McGregor spits venom into the mic, someone getting burned is inevitable.


Some of his insults have become so popular that some fighters have actually been forced to accept them as part of their identity. Every time TJ Dillashaw posts anything on social media, he will be hit with a never-ending slew of snake emojis in the comments. Whenever Jeremy Stephens does anything, you will hear the 'Who da fook is dat guy?' brigade all chime in.

However, the trash talk king isn't impervious to the heat. Occasionally a rival will score a solid dig at his expense. Although, for the most part, attempted slaggings aimed at the Dubliner come up way short.

Here are some of the best and (a lot more of) the worst insults that have been aimed at McGregor down the years.


The worst

'Irish Potato Picker' - Clay Guida

'The Carpenter' had clearly never been to Crumlin before he made that brainless comment.


'Soap Hands' - Jose Aldo

...what? What made this even weirder was this attempt at downplaying McGregor's punching power came after that famous 13-second knockout.

'Prostitute' - Fabricio Werdum

The Brazilian's mic skills are very questionable. When you have to explain the slagging, it's usually a terrible sign.


Any variation of 'McTapper', 'Mr Tapout', 'McQuitter', 'Mr Quitter' - several fighters

Zero marks for originality. We get it, all his losses inside the cage have been by submission.

'Microwave meal' - Floyd Mayweather Jr

You can't even read!

'McNuggets' - Tony Ferguson


We love the way you fight, Tony Ferguson, but no. Just no. It's not even remotely clever and it will never catch on with anyone who doesn't breathe exclusively through their mouth.

'Eight-figure fighter' - Floyd Mayweather Jr

Obviously, Mayweather's purses have an extra zero or two at the end. However, the vast majority of the UFC's roster could only dream of having that kind of earning power. McGregor's killing it.

'Joker' - Jose Aldo

Showing up to the Dennis Siver fight in full regal attire was a bold move, and it definitely did not pay off.

'Santa Claus' - Eddie Alvarez

He wasn't denying ol' Jolly St Mac's existence after UFC 205.

'Conrad McGillicutty' - Ricardo Lamas

Pulling off impersonations is tough. Enduring seven minutes of a bad impersonation is even tougher. To his credit, his parody 'Irish' accent is far from the worst you'll hear.

'Chihuahua' - Chad Mendes

The Team Alpha Male product found out in the second round that McGregor wasn't just 'all bark'.

That entire Instagram video by Snoop Dogg

What on Earth was he thinking? Now he has to watch his back in case Matt Brown follows through on his vow to throw him a dig.

The good

'Oscar McGregor' - Dennis Siver

It was really all downhill for the German after this insult. Very underrated tweet and extra marks for originality.

'Conor McGregory' - Floyd Mayweather Sr

Whether it's intentional or not, getting the name of one of the world's biggest superstar athletes wrong is just gold.

'Two-foot tall' - Sheamus

Personally, I think WWE is the dumbest thing in the world. However, saying this in Dublin was an expert move by the heel. Especially considering it came just after he told everyone in the Arena to pay their water charges. He was almost drowned in a Tsunami of boos!

'He looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo' - Jose Aldo

Aldo's best effort by far.

'You're playing touch-butt with that dork in the park' - Nate Diaz

More of a dig at Ido Portal, but it's undeniably a classic. Even John Kavanagh was seen cracking up in the crowd when Diaz dropped that iconic line.

'Chicken' - Khabib Nurmagomedov

It's all about the delivery. 'The Eagle's broken English coupled with his zero fucks given attitude really propels this slag up several notches.

'2015 Champ' - Max Holloway

There are two reasons why this so good. Firstly, because it is accurate and secondly, he has only used it a couple of times. There's no overkill like that cringey 'McNuggets' swipe.

If we missed any good, bad or ugly insults, hit us up in the comments to let us know all about it.