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09th Jun 2016

Chris Weidman fails miserably trying to beat Michael Bisping at his own game

Weidman wants his belt back

Ben Kiely

If you’re going to talk smack about Michael Bisping, you’d want to make sure you’ve got your guns fully loaded.

Newly crowned UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has no shortage of prospective challengers to his throne after knocking Luke Rockhold out cold at UFC 199.

The Count came into the fight on short notice after Chris Weidman, who lost the belt to Rockhold at UFC 194, was forced out of the rematch due to a serious neck injury. Weidman has since had successful surgery on his neck and he’s already looking to book a title fight against the Brit at the landmark UFC New York card in November.

Weidman called out Bisping on Instagram using a clip from an interview before UFC 199 where he said he’d happily have his first title defence against the New Yorker if he was victorious against Rockhold.

Weidman proceeded to call out Bisping on Twitter, linking back to his Instagram post.

While he was trying to drum up some buzz for a prospective fight by sparking a feud, Bisping completely turned the call out on its head, telling Weidman that if he wants another shot he’ll have to beat Rockhold first.

Bisping pointed out that if Weidman were to get a title shot next, he would be coming into the fight off a loss to the guy he just rendered unconscious inside one round.

Well played, Bisping.