Chael Sonnen may have revealed the banned substance Jon Jones got popped for on Joe Rogan's podcast 6 years ago

Chael Sonnen may have revealed the banned substance Jon Jones got popped for on Joe Rogan's podcast

Chael Sonnen's like Jon Jones, he sounds like Sean Combs, and he got trombone-sized stones like John Holmes.

Jon Jones was set to play a starring role in UFC 200's main event, then it emerged that he failed a pre-fight drug test and everything fell apart.


The former light-heavyweight king was removed from the card and has since been taken off the top spot of the P4P rankings following the controversy.

Bones held a press conference the morning after the failed drug test news swept the internet in which he apologised to the fans and his scheduled opponent Daniel Cormier for the situation and firmly denied that he knowingly took PEDs. However, he left out one crucial snippet of information during his talk - the substance he got flagged for.


Enter Chael Sonnen, who made a memorable appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on Monday to discuss everything that happened at the weekend. Naturally enough, the discussion moved towards Jones' situation and Sonnen seized the opportunity to drop what he claims was one of the final pieces of the jigsaw.

“This doesn’t make Jon innocent at all. Jon is guilty. The only card that he had to play is what did you test positive for, and they refused to reveal it. He tested positive for some oestrogen blockers."

“He tested positive for two oestrogen blockers, there I revealed it. Aren’t we creating some news?”

It is important to note that UFC, USADA, or Jones’ team have yet to respond to Sonnen's claim.

Rogan was taken aback by Sonnen's bombshell, but continued the discussion by suggesting that oestrogen blockers can be used to mask the signs of steroid use, which Sonnen confirmed was true.


“Correct, when you’re coming off of a cycle. Guys don’t want oestrogen so you take the blocker to block that. That’s a way they can catch you after the fact.”