Biggest grudge match in Irish MMA history ends in victory for Myles Price 4 years ago

Biggest grudge match in Irish MMA history ends in victory for Myles Price

There was no love lost before the fight but there was plenty of mutual respect after 15 minutes of grinding attrition.

Myles Price has come out on top in what John Kavanagh described in the build-up as the "the biggest fight in Irish MMA history"


Whether it was the biggest or not is up for debate but there's no doubting that no all-Irish MMA fight has ever had as much animosity behind it as Myles Price vs. Peter Queally.

Price, who used to train out of Straight Blast Gym and once lived with John Kavanagh, was public enemy number one for a period after he chose to take his training to the American Kickboxing Academy and backed Khabib Nurmagomedov to come out on top against Conor McGregor last October.

Price embraced his heel role in the build-up to Bellator Dublin, getting a rat tattoo and switching his nickname to 'Splinter' before he shared the cage with Queally, one of SBG's most hard-nosed veterans.


The meeting of Team Ryano and SBG, the most recognisable teams in Irish MMA, went the way of the former as Price claimed a split decision victory over 'The Showstopper' in the co-main event of Bellator Dublin.

It was dirty boxing from the outset as both men's bodies clashed and they fought on the inside against the fence before they eventually separated and Queally began landing the cleaner shots from his most comfortable range.

Price began closing the distance but had no success in the first round in terms of takedowns, finishing in pursuit of the same leg he had been focusing on for the opening five minutes.


'Splinter' started the second as he ended the first, grasping Queally's left leg but, on this occasion, he broke with a spinning backfist attempt.

A minute later, Queally was on his backside but it was unclear whether it came from a shot or a stumble and Price took advantage and pressed his former teammate against the fence, which is where the vast majority of the fight ended up being fought, making the judges' lives very difficult.


A much-needed injection of excitement came at the midway point of the third and final round when Queally appeared to have secured a takedown but Price impressively rolled and reversed position.

The first chink in Queally's grappling defence showed itself in the dying moments, when Price finally got his man to the mat and pursued the rear naked choke but time, like many in the 3Arena, was not his friend.

But Price won over plenty with his performance and walks away with the bragging rights in a grudge match brimming with bad blood.