Big John McCarthy reveals the ridiculously low sum he's getting paid for refereeing McGregor v Aldo 7 years ago

Big John McCarthy reveals the ridiculously low sum he's getting paid for refereeing McGregor v Aldo

Kenny Bayless was paid $25,000 to referee Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao - the biggest boxing bout of the year.

So how much will 'Big' John McCarthy be paid for taking charge of Conor McGregor v Jose Aldo - the biggest MMA bout of the year?


$10,000, maybe? $15,000, at a push?

You'll have to come way down to come even close to the derisory fee that the veteran MMA referee will make at UFC 194.


McCarthy revealed on his podcast, Let's Get It On!that he will earn just $1,900 for being the third man in the octagon for the most anticipated fight of 2015.


The Nevada State Athletic Commission published the pay that the judges and referees would receive for the December 12 card.

McCarthy said: "When it comes to officiating, I get paid anywhere from zero because I do a lot of fights for free but small shows, we're talking anywhere from, you know, if it's amateur stuff that I'll do at times you're talking about $100, you're talking about $250, $350, $400."


The iconic official, who first appeared in the octagon at UFC 2 in 1994, went on to admirably claim that, if push came to shove, he'd end up refereeing for free because he loves the sport.


"Not every show we do is a big show and I had someone say the other day 'so-and-so saw you at this fight, why are you doing fights there?'

"It's because I love fights and I love doing my job. The pay is not what I'm really doing it for, obviously I like getting paid. I'm not going to sit here and lie to someone.

"But to sit there and say I would do it for free anyway... I probably would. Now I don't want to tell a bunch of promoters that but I love the sport of MMA. 

"As far as how much we make, they put it out there. Nevada pays more for a championship fight than any state pays any official so that $1,900 is the most you're going to see. Thank you very much, Nevada. It's very nice of you to give us that much. I appreciate it.


"Obviously if you get into other sports, there's a whole lot more involved with how much guys will make."