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30th Sep 2016

Ben Affleck and Conor McGregor are teaming up to make a lot of cold, hard cash

Good Will Punching

Patrick McCarry

‘Hey Notorious, it’s Affleck here. I have José on the other line calling for a title shot.’

We can just picture it.

The UFC has even more new owners after the recent, $4.2bn transaction between the Fertitta family and new overseers WME-IMG.

27 stars of the sports and entertainment world(s) have bought stakes in the promotion and are now listed as part-owners.

The news was broken on last night’s Conan O’Brien Show on TBS. O’Brien, who is one of the 27 celebrity investors, joked that his share is worth about $40. He also claimed to have lined up 2017 fights against Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and fellow owner Maria Sharapova.

Other owners include tennis star Serena Williams, actors Ben Affleck and Sylvester Stallone and New England Patriots quarter-back Tom Brady.

A full list of the UFC’s new part-owners is expected to be released later today.

Some glitz and glamour is coming to the UFC. With Ronda Rousey starring in action movies, Luke Rockhold doing fashion photo-shoots and Conor McGregor appearing in the latest Call of Duty, the mainstream crossover has already begun.

As long as they don’t re-name it the Ultimate Entertainment Championship, we should be doing okay.

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