Bas Rutten discusses what Conor McGregor is like off camera 2 months ago

Bas Rutten discusses what Conor McGregor is like off camera

It's hardly surprising to learn that Conor McGregor is not always in 'The Notorious' mode.

McGregor has shown what is possible in terms of earning power, with his ability on the microphone just as responsible for his success as his fighting skills.

The Irishman stands alone as the biggest superstar in the UFC and more than any mixed martial artist in history, he has managed to capture the imagination of the mainstream.

The divisive McGregor is well aware of the fact that many UFC pay-per-view buyers tune in with the hope of seeing 'The Notorious' knocked out but just as many, if not more, want to see what McGregor will say in his post-fight interview if he comes out on top.

He is must-see television, there's no denying it, but he's not always that way.

UFC legend Bas Rutten enjoyed spending time with McGregor recently when the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion asked to train at the Dutchman's gym.

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At the legendary Bas Ruttens gym tonight. Elite MMA. Behind us is the original UFC heavyweight belt that Bas won. Becoming the first European MMA fighter to win a UFC title. To this day there have only been 5 European UFC champions. Bas also secured his nations flag Holland, on the new design UFC belt with this win, as Holland was one of the first 8th countries to birth a UFC world champion. Ireland is on this list also. The belt below the UFC belt is his Pancrase World title. True MMA fans will know Pancrase as one of the first, somewhat form of no holds barred fighting to appear from Japan. A sport where the knuckles were bare but striking with the closed fist to the head was still not allowed. The fist had to be open. It led to heavy open hand clatters becoming the choice of weapon here. The strike was ALWAYS with the bone/knuckle at the end of the palm, connected to the wrist. I’m not sure what the actual name of this bone is, but I like to call it the nom nom knuckle. When Khabib was holding onto my legs against the fence in that first round, I was clattering him with this knuckle right into the temple, over and over. Feeding it to him. Hence nom nom. Devastating blows can be caused with this knuckle, and some of Bas’s greatest highlights are of this shot. A clean open palm strike, straight down the pipe from a standing position, putting the opponent out cold. Fascinating to see. Bas was also one of the originators of the high elbow guillotine, in fighting competition. You will see it frequently now and some fighters have modeled their careers and even fight nicknames off this great submission move. Bas, although not known for his grappling, was one of the first men to win with this technique. Fascinating to watch. I suggest you do. Bas Rutten highlights. Bas also had a training voice recording out, where he would call out MMA combinations and drills. My coach would play it on the radio and we would work. “Double knee, liver shot, 10 sprawls” Bas was the first person to teach me how to piece MMA style combinations together. And it was through a C.D on the radio. Bas Rutten ladies and gentlemen. What a pioneer. “El Guapo” they call him. A PROPER GOER

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Rutten, whose impact on MMA was publicly praised by McGregor in a recent social media post, revealed that the Dubliner is a much different individual in person when there is no cameras around.

"You know, he’s always the same," Rutten told Submission Radio. "And I said this to other people, Conor’s a different guy when you see him on TV. He knows exactly when to turn it on and how to talk and it’s so well done. All the speeches he does, it’s all different. Like, I’m very boring. I prepare something that I’m going to say and I will say that in 20 interviews. He’s constantly different with everything that he does.

"The fact that he’s here for business and still works out every single day means that he’s busy and he knows what his fighting is. I don’t know what he’s going to choose, I didn’t want to talk about that. I didn’t want to be the guy who was gonna watch him train and to be there. I just came there to say 'Hey man, great to have you here.'

"He asked about the belts, they were hanging on the wall, and he said ‘my god, that’s the old UFC belts Bas, wow’, and he remembered they put the Dutch flag on it. All these things he knew.

"And then when I read that post, I thought that wow, that was really nice of him. And not only that, he really went into depth in that. So no, I think he’s a really smart guy.

"There’s no profanity around him when he’s walking in the gym. He’s a different guy! And I already said that because I interviewed him a bunch of times and he’s just such a good guy. Except when he goes on TV, then he turns it on and he knows exactly how to make that money."