WATCH: Horse owners provide the most entertaining interview we've ever seen 1 year ago

WATCH: Horse owners provide the most entertaining interview we've ever seen

We've never seen anything quite like this before.

Publican and horse-owner Josh Sheahan went to Limerick Racecourse on Sunday with high hopes for his nine-year-old gelding Top Of The Town, which is also the name of his pub.

The Limerick man, encouraged by his loyal following was in flying form in the build-up to his beloved horse's outing in the 3:40 in Limerick.

They are a following that brings excitement with them wherever they go, and after the Charles Byrne trained horse won last time out in Tipperary, the anticipation for Sunday's three-mile chase had reached fever pitch.

We don't know why he's wearing sunglasses because the sun was nowhere to be seen, and it's not like he was attempting to create a poker face, because his heart was placed firmly on his sleeve.

But Whatever his motives were, they were working.

"If this horse wins, let me tell you we will wreck the shop," bellowed a hysterical owner.

Sheahan went on to claim that the celebrations after Top Of The Town's triumph in Tipperary lasted for a full six and a half weeks, and that their wives weren't best pleased.

"And this man here, his wife left him over it, and do you know what he said to me 'twas well worth the celebration,' he said."

The lads reminded us of the late great horse-trainer Oliver Brady who used to take over a parade ring when he trained a winning horse.

We can only imagine what sort of scenes the connections would've created if the horse won, because even in defeat they were still cracking banger after banger.

"Will ye come to Top Of The Town and spend a few pound? I'm after losing a rake of money here today,"

We doff our hats to you, sir, taking defeat like we've never seen before.

Racecourse attendances throughout Ireland have been dwindling in recent years, but who knows, with a bit of excitement like this taking over the parade ring, our nation's love for the sport of kings could be restored.