TWEET: This high stakes punter's betting statement will make your eyes water 3 years ago

TWEET: This high stakes punter's betting statement will make your eyes water

Brought to you by John Flynn Bookmakers.

We bet your online bookies account does not look like this.

For most casual punters, being an exceptionally good gambler is not an issue.

We pick the odd first goal-scorer, brag to our mates when our €2 accumulator comes up (failing to mention that it's our first win in months) and make entirely sensible each-way bets.

But what if you are actually GOOD at gambling? What if you have a talent for punting? What if you back yourself (geddit?) and place large stakes for large rewards?

Unfortunately you might find that you are not particularly popular with some bookmakers, who have been known to close down winning accounts and refuse to take large bets from successful punters.

Well, we have found proof on Twitter that one punter named Adam is on to a winner with his bookmaker.

Tweeting @HR_insideinfo, the user Large Stakes Punter, shared his betting statement from John Flynn Bookmakers to prove to the non-believers among his followers that he is a big punter.

The proof is incontrovertible.

With a focus on horse racing, John Flynn Bookmakers, are a private client online betting service but, as our friend Adam will testify, they take larger bets over the telephone.

A discreet service and licensed in Ireland, John Flynn Bookmakers do not unnecessarily close winning accounts, even when they are costing them a pretty penny.

John Flynn Bookmakers is part of the HSB Sportsbook Group. Other brands include Betballer, a full sportsbook, and GGBook, a dedicated eSports betting platform.