Limerick jockey wins absolutely ridiculous race by 'process of elimination' 3 years ago

Limerick jockey wins absolutely ridiculous race by 'process of elimination'

Limerick jockey Gary Noonan had a win he will never forget this week.

Aboard Two Sams, Limerick man Gary Noonan was victorious at The Village Inn Bar 5yo+ Adjacent Maiden at Ballyarthur this week. Although he won the race by a country mile, getting past the posts really was a struggle.


He was just trailing Artic Fever heading towards the second last fence. A laboured jump saw the leader go even further out in front, while Two Sams slowed down to a walk. At that stage, it was Artic Fever's race to lose and boy did it lose big time.

After refusing to jump the final fence, it turned away and bucked off the jockey. Meanwhile, following its breather, Two Sams came galloping towards the fence only to also turn away upon arrival.

Remarkably, Make Me Merry, who was way, way behind the leaders was making its way into the race again. By the time Two Sams had turned back in the right direction, Make Me Merry was closing the gap at a cripplingly slow pace. Two Sams barely scraped over the fence while the valiant effort from Make Merry ended by unseating his rider.

Two Sams rode home to victory, but it was one of the strangest sights ever seen on an Irish racecourse. You can check out the finish in the video embedded below.