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07th Apr 2015

Pic: Padraig Harrington demonstrates just how treacherous the Augusta greens can be

Quite a bit of info to take in

Neil Treacy

It’s hardly a secret that your handling of the greens at Augusta will make or break your round.

At times, it’s as if the players are putting on glass, and it’s always said the the cameras don’t do justice to the monstrous slopes the golfers have to try judge.

While we’d like to think that players just head out for a casual puck around for their practice rounds before the tournament, but the truth is that they’re studying every nook and cranny on the course.

And Padraig Harrington has given us a pretty clear insight into just how treacherous the greens can be, by posting this picture of his yardage book to Twitter, showing the extent of the note taking he’s had to do.

We’re fairly certain that this is the green for the first hole at Augusta National, and considering he’d probably had to do this much note-taking 17 more times, it shows just how mentally tough a game golf can be.

This is all far too complicated for me on the morning after a bank holiday.

I’m off for a lie-down.