WATCH: New #TheToughest Trade promo with Michael Murphy and Lee Chin is epic 3 years ago

WATCH: New #TheToughest Trade promo with Michael Murphy and Lee Chin is epic

March 1, the countdown is on.

Michael Murphy spent his off-season in the snow of Clermont Auvergne. Lee Chin spent his on the ice-rink.

Shane Williams, funnily enough, spent his in colder conditions than the rest of them - in Donegal.

AIB GAA's renowned #TheToughest Trade documentary is fast-approaching and the excitement is palpable.

We already know that a Welsh rugby legend can kick four points through a north-west storm with an O'Neill's ball.

We already know that Michael Murphy can take a thumping rugby tackle like a champion.

Now, we get to see the full experience in two installments of #TheToughest Trade. Ahead of the first episode on March 1, Michael Murphy teased about whether he can make it with the oval ball.

"It's a professional setup, it's a professional environment and it's going to be full on. We'll see if I can sink or swim," the Donegal skipper said.

Lee Chin, meanwhile, is adapting to a completely different stick - and a whole new type of footwear.

"The ice wouldn't be something that I'd be very used to," the Wexford man sounded nervous enough.

"It's crazy, there are a few rough boys in that game and it's going to be tough."

In AIB GAA's latest promo though, he looks like he's moving comfortably. Murphy? Well, a dead ball is a dead ball as far as he's concerned.

Check this out and keep March 1 and March 10 free. It's going to be some watch.