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08th Jun 2015

Video: Donal Og Cusack’s reaction to a fly landing on Anthony Daly’s head was absolutely priceless

Des Cahill cracked up too

Ben Kiely

Poor Donal Óg tried his best to not crack up, but failed miserably.

There was a pretty funny moment during this week’s Sunday Game when an unexpected visitor entered the studio and derailed the discussion.

As Anthony Daly had the full, unwavering attention of the studio until a fly landed on his head in the middle of his spiel.

Donal Óg Cusack, who was sitting beside him, tried his level best to maintain his serious demeanour, but the ridiculousness of what he had just witnessed hit him like a ten ton hammer and he cracked up. It didn’t take long for host Des Cahill to begin belly-chuckling himself.

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