Kyle Coney asks question that's on everyone's lips about Tyrone's forwards 1 week ago

Kyle Coney asks question that's on everyone's lips about Tyrone's forwards

"I don't think Tyrone learned their lesson against Monaghan."

Former Tyrone star Kyle Coney has asked the question that's on everyone's lips regarding the Red Hand's  half forward line in this year's championship.


Tyrone lost to Galway in the first round of the All-Ireland series, and have already lost to Monaghan when they were knocked out of the Ulster championship five weeks ago.

This means that the 2021 All-Ireland winners haven't won any of their last four championship matches, with their last win coming against Fermanagh.

There have been lots of reasons behind the dip in form, from players leaving the panel, retirements, injuries and big names just struggling to regain their momentum.



However, a key reason that bugs Kyle Coney, is the selection of their half forwards, and the fact that Brian Dooher and Feargal Logan appear to choose defensive-minded players for those positions.

Speaking on the latest episode of the GAA Hour, Coney reveals what he would like Tyrone to do differently.

"Probably what I was more disappointed about was the half forward line that we're persisting with. My clubman Michael O'Neill doesn't play at centre half forward, but he lines out at 11 and obviously drops back to plug holes and gaps.

"If they're persisting with putting Michael into the team, and he is deserving of his spot, then they have got to get him into the half back line.



"We have Frank Burns who is not notorious for scoring either, then you have Joe Oguz who is relatively new on the scene, so it's not known what he's going to bring.

"I think we need to go with a bit more of an attacking half-forward line. I looked at the so called 'top teams' in recent games - Dublin have a half forward line of Niall Scully, Con O'Callaghan and Ciaran Kilkenny.

"Last day out Con got four, Kilkenny got one, and Mayo at the weekend had a half forward line of Jason Doherty, Jordan Flynn and Jack Carney, and they all scored.

"Galway were the same, all scoring, while we have no scores from the half forward line, and we've probably got two defenders starting in there.



"For me, I don't think Tyrone learned their lesson against Monaghan, I know they had a really good first half, but the second half again, we persisted with defenders playing as forwards.

"I know they might not exactly play there, but once you line them out, you're taking away your scoring threat. We're relying on Darren McCurry, we're relying on Darragh Canavan.

"Canavan was relatively well shut out at the weekend by Galway, Darren McCurry got seven points and I'm not sure if Mattie Donnelly scored.

"I feel that the top teams have scores from their half forward line, but at the minute, Tyrone aren't getting enough scores from that area of the pitch."


TyroneThe Ardboe man felt that Saturday's game was the perfect opportunity to unleash Ruairi Canavan and see how he could impact the team.

"I know there had been a bit of talk about Ruairi Canavan making his debut at the weekend, seen. small glimpse of him. That game at the weekend was a chance to get him into the team at number 12, number 11, or whatever it may be.

"Even play the three of them up top, him, Darragh and Darren, just to give somebody else something to think about.Yes a lot of teams know him from u20, but he's relatively unknown in the senior team.

"That man in there - who is to say he doesn't get a goal? Who is to say he doesn't kick three points? For me it's just a wee bit cautious and a wee bit safe at the moment. "

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