Turloughmore corner back flattens opposition mentor by complete accident, gets red card anyway 1 year ago

Turloughmore corner back flattens opposition mentor by complete accident, gets red card anyway

We can only imagine Michael Morris' reaction if this had been a tighter game.

10 points up and with no more than 20 minutes left to play, it's fair to say Turloughmore were home and dry when their corner back received his marching orders in the Galway senior hurling championship last Saturday evening.

The match officials can count their blessings for that.

Because with good reason, the whole of Turloughmore would have went bananas if this had a bearing on the outcome, the corner back certainly wouldn't have been leaving the field without protest and this red card incident would surely have turned into some sort of countrywide scandal.

Plain and simple; the Turloughmore number four hadn't even caught a glimpse of Louis Mulqueen before he laid him out on the turf.

No way did this man deserve a red card.

So, with Barry McDonagh, Richard Doyle and Daithí Burke in powerful form, the black and whites were well on top in their clash with the county champions Liam Mellows. Things were going well for them.

That man McDonagh chipped in with a few gorgeous points off the left, while Jamie Holland and Burke were dominant in the middle of the field.

Michael Morris was another man hurling well. The corner back was mean and sticky and the Mellows forwards barely got a sniff all game.

In typical terrier like fashion, he bursted out of defence with a ball early on in the second half. Head down, eyes on the ball, he rode the challenge well from the Mellows number 15.

The man was fairly clipping along now.

Between juggling the ball on his hurley, between trying to stay inside the pitch's perimeters, between trying to hit full speed, the man had a lot on his plate.

We'll let you judge for yourself from the TG4 GAA BEO footage below if you think he meant to floor the former Clare trainer, but to us, it's clear as day that he wasn't fully aware of his surroundings.

Then it was too late.


Unfortunately, Mulqueen was knocked unconscious from the blow and had to be taken to hospital after the game. We wish him the best with his recovery.e