Tomás Ó Se happy to admit one Dublin decision he was wrong about 4 months ago

Tomás Ó Se happy to admit one Dublin decision he was wrong about

"It was 110% the right move for Dublin."

Tomás Ó Se was happy admit that he was wrong regarding a controversial decision that Dublin made earlier in the season.


The Kerry legend was on The Sunday Game when he confessed that he had question marks over Stephen Cluxton's return to Dessie Farrell's panel.

The goalkeeping legend had left the squad two years ago, and under a cloud of mystery as no one knew for sure if he retired or not, he simply just left.

However, his return was equally as surprising, again with no fuss or build up the nine-time All-Ireland winner just appeared like he had never left.


"In terms of a match, it wasn't a classic in terms of forward play, but the intensity from start to finish was absolutely huge," Ó Se said on The Sunday Game.

"The way that it went just end to end, and the amount of turnovers was massive.

"Kerry went three points up twice - the game was there to be won if they went after it, they just couldn't, there was unreal character in that Dublin team.

"The goal was a huge thing, I think it sucked the life out of Kerry. Kerry went three up, but Mannion and big players like Howard, Fenton Mick Fitz - I thought Cluxton was outstanding.


Tomás Ó Se

"Everything started with him, a 100% on his kick outs, and he went up and kicked two frees. I questioned him coming back at the start of the year, I didn't think that it was right.

"Jesus it was 110% the right move for Dublin, and those three lads - whatever record we had, we had five lads, my uncle included, but hats off to the lads that won nine.

"You couldn't help but admire it. I think Dessie deserves huge credit as well, Kerry can have no complaints, the better team won."

The question remains whether or not Cluxton will stay on for another year in an attempt to win his 10th medal, but that's something we won't know about until next season when the squads are announced.


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