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23rd Aug 2018

Tiger Woods congratulates Limerick hurlers and JP McManus on historic All-Ireland win

Michael Corry

When you win an All-Ireland title, it garners a lot of praise, and with that comes a lot of congratulatory messages from all corners of the country.

Sometimes, those messages come from people who have nothing to do with the game or don’t even know the sport.

Limerick’s victory in Sunday’s final was extra special because the people of the Treaty county had to wait 45 years to see Liam MacCarthy return to their lands, hence the huge celebrations that followed.

Praise has been flowing for this special group of players, who collected an All-Ireland title in the hardest way imaginable, beating Kilkeny, Cork, Tipperary and Galway en route to victory.

However, somebody has come forward to offer his congratulations, somebody from way left field, Somebody from golf!

No, it wasn’t McIlroy, Clarke, McDowell, Harrington or Lowry.

It was indeed, none other than Tiger Woods!

Yes, you read that right, the most recognisable golfer in the world… scrap that, the most recognisable athlete in the world has congratulated Limerick on their recent All-Ireland win.

You see, Woods is a very good friend of JP McManus, the legendary horse owner who has sponsored Limerick GAA since 2004.

During an interview with, Woods spoke of his delight for his great friend McManus and the people of Limerick following their win, citing that he was well aware of JP’s love of the sport.

Tiger even attended a game with McManus once and he thought hurling was ‘neat’.

“JP is one of my dearest friends and it’s cool his Limerick team finally won the title as I know how passionate he is about his hurling as well as his love of horse-racing and, of course, golf,” said Woods.

“I remember one year I was over for his Pro-Am and JP took me to a hurling match. I thought it was pretty neat but not a sport I would want to try” Woods said smiling.

“I try to keep in contact with him as much as our time allows but that’s great news for JP and Limerick and I’m really pleased for him as JP just does so much for sport in Ireland.” Woods continued.

“But as I said, it was a pretty cool result last weekend for JP and Limerick and my congrats to them.”

So there you have it, the Limerick lad’s will be buzzing to hear that one of the worlds most famous sportspeople is well aware of their historic win.

And Tiger Woods described hurling as ‘neat’.

Not really the term we would use, but sure, it’s not often you get praise from Tiger Woods is it?

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