The most Irish excuse ever for missing GAA training 5 years ago

The most Irish excuse ever for missing GAA training

And we thought we knew them all.

GAA managers are no strangers to an excuse being fired in their direction every so often.


Full numbers at training is a rarity that only occurs before things like the first league match, during a good championship run or for something less strenuous like yoga or a crisis team meeting.

So players, one by one, try to wriggle their way out of commitments.

Every team has a chancer.



Every team has those bloody students who just don't understand that you can't repeat your last year of minor.


Then again, some people don't even bother coming up with an excuse.



But every team also has the red diesel merchant.

In Derry, a couple of lads were struggling to make club training on time. One man didn't really bother with an excuse, the other probably all-too-many could sympathise with.

It seems the VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency in the UK) dipping tanks were out checking for illegal use of red diesel in the area and one man was hamstrung trying to avoid them.



If any of them was equipped for a few extra miles though, it was him...


Community spirit, pulling together. What the GAA is all about.


Keep it legal, folks. #LargeFines

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