The actual 2011 Twitter reaction to THAT Dublin and Donegal game 7 years ago

The actual 2011 Twitter reaction to THAT Dublin and Donegal game

Déjà vu.

Different season, same problems.


But it's fair to say though that August 28 of 2011 changed the landscape of Gaelic Football.

Jim McGuinness had just masterminded Donegal's first Ulster title in 19 years and he brought Dublin unprecedentedly to their knees in the All-Ireland semi-final.

It deserved respect and admiration even but, in the chaotic, knee-jerk, frenzy world that is the GAA, it got very little of that. Instead, it just got lambasted.

The north-west outfit played 14 men behind the ball at all times. They were perfectly within their rights to do that but... f**king puke football. The fallout from a defensive stand-off at Croke Park was historic and affected football the island over as a result of the shockwaves.


Dublin won in the end 0-8 to 0-6 and one man was happy with his day's work.

The rest weren't happy at all.


It was Donegal's fault.

It was Dublin's fault.


It's a free country.

Justice for Diarmuid Connolly (again).

The death of Gaelic Football.


The birth of Murder Ball.

Puke football, puke football, puke football.

Good God, people are even quoting Pat Spillane.

The ethics argument rumbles.

Won't someone think of the kick pass!

The good, old days.

Well done United.

8-2, it was a big result.

The death of football Arsenal.

One's from Donegal and the other's a hurling team.

My sport is better than yours.

Everyone can f**k off.

Because Donegal fans were getting sick of that road down to Croke Park.

Not even Seamus Coleman was spared.

He was still proud.

This is a man's game.

It's only a f**king system!

Change the rules.

Change the rules.

Change the rules.

Change the rules.

Okay... see ye next year.

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