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09th Jul 2022

“The technology got it wrong” – Jim McGuinness slams Shane Walsh Hawkeye decision

Lee Costello

“This is an absolute joke.”

In a half of football that didn’t exactly set the world alight and could even be argued as ‘boring’, a dramatic and remarkable talking point has emerged.

Shane Walsh kicks a beautiful 45, slots it wonderfully over the bar to bring the game within a point, and the referee jots it down as a score.

Then, bizarrely, Hawkeye is in the referee’s ear and calls for it to be looked at, before showing footage of a score that is clearly wide.

The replay of actual time though highlights that it very clearly was a point, so because the technology got it wrong, Galway are suffering for it.

Damien Comer hit a score right before half time which means if Walsh’s point had have been awarded, then it would be all have been square at half time.

Speaking on Sky Sports Jim McGuinness was very critical of the Hawkeye system and believes that the Tribesmen should feel aggrieved at the decision.

“It’s a huge decision in the context of the game, and levelling the game up and Galway where they were, and to be back level at half time.

“I think the scoreboard should be level at half time, the reason I think that is because the technology got it wrong.

“The referee chalked it down as a point, the technology stepped in – it’s not the other way around. the referee is well within his rights to say ‘I got that right first time around, that’s proven that it’s right’ and then to change the scoreboard.

“Otherwise, this game is going down to the wire, it feels that way and if it does go down to the wire, and that’s what decides it, then we’re in for major drama in the next couple of weeks.”

Thankfully justice prevailed and the point was awarded, but on RTÉ Pat Spillane was still equally as critical.

“This is an absolute joke. It went between the posts, most definitely a point. That is scandalous. Hawkeye are being paid big money. If justice is to be done, the score should be rectified at half-time.

“Let’s rectify the mistake immediately. If Galway are to go out of the championship due to one point, it would be scandalous.”

Former Tyrone star Enda McGinley also added: “You can’t argue about it. We have perfect footage of it. You just trusted Hawkeye in shots in the earlier game but clearly now, Hawkeye is not fit for purpose.”

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