South Africa Gaels goalkeeper runs pitch in 9-a-side but look at Rory Beggan's position 7 months ago

South Africa Gaels goalkeeper runs pitch in 9-a-side but look at Rory Beggan's position

Goalkeeping has changed.

Anyone who's ever played sevens would know how important the 'keeper is. Not at stopping goals - most of them are struck from about five yards out - but by being the playmaker.

The goalkeeper is the free player, the one who can start the attack quickly, the one who can come onto the play unmarked from deep and, when he can cause that much damage on the ball, it's a little naive to bring an out-and-out shotstopper with you to play in that position. You're basically given a free man and not using him is a waste.

Gradually - far too gradually, to be honest - that idea is being brought to the 15-a-side world.

Rory Beggan's kick passing from open play has started to change the way people think about number ones.

Graham Brody joins in with the Laois play every time they try to get it out of defence and, more and more, club teams are trying it out and underage county sides are growing the gonads to unleash their goalie.

Perhaps the example of South Africa Gaels might liberate them further.

The Johannesburg outfit covered themselves in glory at the Asian Games in what was a celebration of the GAA and the different cultures now involved.

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But the antics of the goalkeeper, Charlie Radingona, scaling the pitch and punishing the opposition for dropping off completely is just another nod towards using your assets.

Jerome Quinn captured a class video all the way from Bangkok where the South Africa goalie caught a dropped ball, beat the first tackle and everything opened up,

So he just kept going and going and, this being a nine-a-side game, didn't take too long to get within range where he punished accordingly.

In fact, the move even drew applause from an opposition team member.

On the same weekend that Rory Beggan sent Scotstown to the Ulster final with an injury time free, this was happening in Thailand.

Still, Beggan - the All-Star - is leading the way.

Not only was it his last-gasp strike that put his club in the provincial decider, but he also played the final pass for Ryan O'Toole's late point as Scotstown rallied.

And, with a point in it and the Farney men still pushing, Rory Beggan was wandering around inside the opposition 45'.

Mal McMullan of the County Derry Post was in Omagh and took a shot of the goalkeeper finding himself unmarked in a great position in injury time of the Scotstown v Eoghan Rua clash.

A point down, your longest and most accurate striker of a ball completely free and completely within range - with about 40 yards to spare.

Unless Coleraine react by releasing their 'keeper from the goal line, there will be a spare man in Scotstown's favour.

Only the foolish won't use this tactic in 2019.