Sean Cavanagh details his struggles with concussion 1 year ago

Sean Cavanagh details his struggles with concussion

Three-time All-Ireland winner Sean Cavanagh has revealed that he is still heavily concussed after he was taken to hospital following Moy Tír Na nÓg's one point defeat to Edendork in the Tyrone SFC last weekend.

Cavanagh was taken to hospital where he was reportedly checked for a broken nose, severe facial bruising and where he was ultimately diagnosed with concussion.

"My nose is sore. I still have heavy concussion but recovering," Cavanagh told the BBC.

"You are going to pick up knocks in sport. Saturday was no different. Thankfully the wounds are healing. Onwards and upwards."

The 35-year-old added that he would not let the incident deter him from continuing to play Gaelic Football and that he hopes to return to the pitch in 2019.

"I hope so," added the former Tyrone captain.

"I love the game, I love the sport, it's something I have been doing a long time so I certainly don't want to walk away from it at this point.

"Disappointing from our club's perspective, we had high ambitions but fair play to Edendork, they pulled out a good performance and I wish them all the best in the championship, but hopefully as 2019 approaches the body will be fit and well and I'll be back playing to what I love."