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12th May 2024

RTÉ broadcast of Ulster senior final goes down due to lightning strikes

Callum Boyle

Users watching the game noticed strange activity

Those watching the Ulster Senior football final between Armagh and Donegal on RTÉ experienced delays due to thunder and lightning.

With less than 10 minutes to ago until half time the weather began to take a turn as both sides were level with nine points a piece only for the signal on the broadcaster to go down, sparking plenty of anger from those watching.

“The score is 9 points each, it’s nearly half time and the RTE Player signal goes off in the thunderstorms!” wrote one user.

A second said: “I’m sorry but RTE are getting a touch beyond a joke now. BBC NI feed didn’t drop (was blotchy but didn’t fail). With such a spotlight on RTE & GAA it’s quite embarrassing for something like Signal Loss Detected to happen.

“Looks like the thunderstorm has taken RTE of the air for Armagh vs Donegal,” commented a third.

It seems that the worst of the weather has gone and RTÉ were able to restore signal and ensure that fans could enjoy the second half again.

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