PIC: The diet of a modern day inter-county GAA footballer compared with an AFL player 7 years ago

PIC: The diet of a modern day inter-county GAA footballer compared with an AFL player

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Nobody said being an elite athlete was easy.


It requires hard-work, dedication, commitment. And that's only to your diet.

Brian Darby has released a food diary in his GAA.ie column this week and it is strict as hell. And equally as impressive.

It's no secret that inter-county players have taken on a whole new lifestyle in the last decade and that is no different in Offaly where the Rhode defender maintains a religious way of eating.

Darby maps out his diet in a typical week now that training is in full swing and he gives us an inside look at the six different meals he goes through a day. In his brilliant column, he also talks about the importance of the day before a game and how he sticks to a seven-hour sleeping pattern each night.


The Faithful County man tells us about a blood-monitoring system that they have in the camp and how the amount of protein he's taking in through his diet is relative to his weight.

Here's a snippet of the diet if you're looking to follow it. We're going to try our best, too - we're just going to start it on Thursday at 9pm when Brian treats himself to a cup of tea and a digestive.


In comparison, Kildare man Séan Hurley's is fascinating.


The AFL player is out with the Fermantle Dockers and there's a lot more eating in Hurley's. There's also more indulging allowed - we hope it's allowed - for the professional but we can safely assume that he's having no problems working it off.

SeanHurley_AFLDiet (1)

Head over to Brian's blog for the full diets.