Patrick Horgan shushes someone after brilliant goal against Galway 1 year ago

Patrick Horgan shushes someone after brilliant goal against Galway

Patrick Horgan reckons someone's doing a bit too much talking.

Who that is remains unclear but what is clear is that, even though he's in the middle of his 14th season as a Cork senior hurler, he's still one of the best around. The Glen Rovers assassin began this game in uncharacteristic fashion, shoving one right and wide followed by another. But natural order was soon restored as, within ten minutes, Hoggie had 1-2 to his name.


His settling score was a gem, when, having dispossessed Johnny Coen, he flicked the wrists and raised the white flag before Galway knew where the ball was. His second was just as good when, with some dazzling foot-work, he rounded Daithí Burke and then banged one over the bar.

The best was yet to come as, for the second week in a row, Daithí Burke was sloppy in possession and we all know by this stage that you can't be sloppy when Patrick Horgan's around. He flicked the ball into the green grass beyond Galway's number three and from a ruck, he was free and bearing down on goal within seconds.

It was clear he was going to score because, with that fast as lightning swing of his, no-one ever hooks Patrick Horgan. Adrian Tuohy made a good fist of it in fairness but he was never going to get there and Horgan gave Eanna Murphy no chance. Afterwards, he wheeled away and, with a celebration you'd associate more with the game of soccer, he shushed the person who's been doing all the talking.


It's one we'll have to ask him about in the future. Meanwhile, Mark Coleman was just as impressive in defence for the Rebels, storming up the field from centre back to score a brace of brilliant points. For Galway, Ronan Glennon and Thomas Monaghan were impressive but they were fighting a lone battle as Cork always looked the slicker and sharper team.