Paddy Bradley admits there is a 'tinge of jealousy' watching current Derry team 4 months ago

Paddy Bradley admits there is a 'tinge of jealousy' watching current Derry team

"If we had of just bought in that bit more."

Paddy Bradley admits that there is a "tinge of jealousy' watching this current Derry team as they go from strength to strength, and continue to succeed.


Bradley was a part of some brilliant Derry teams in his career, but never enjoyed the same success that the current crop are managing at the moment.

When you consider that they have won two All-Ireland minor titles recently as well, it looks like things are only going to get better for the Oakleaf county.

The former sharp shooter is loving watching his beloved team succeed and follows them as much as he can, but has admitted that there is a part of him that wishes his playing days were similar.


Speaking on the latest episode of the GAA Hour, thanks to AIG the proud sponsors of club and county football, Bradley explains why he thinks his career could have been even better.

"As a player, having played for 12 or 13 years for Derry, and not having achieved the things that I think we could have, there is a small tinge of jealousy there.

"You're thinking if we had of just bought in that bit more, trained that bit harder, or done things that wee bit differently then that could have been us.

"But full credit to the boys that are there, the one thing that I would have said about this current team is that they are very much player-led, they are full of fantastic leaders.

Paddy Carr


"I'm not saying that our team didn't have that, but as an individual I probably could have done more, Feargal Doherty could have done more, Kevin McGukin could have done more - I'm looking at the likes of Chrissy McKaigue, Conor Glass, Brendan Rogers, and Shane McGuigan. Ciaran McFaul is back in there now.

"These boys are leading from the front, and they are getting their just rewards."

You can listen to the full episode of the GAA Hour now.


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