Offaly goalkeeper sneaks out of sister's wedding to play in Tailteann Cup 1 year ago

Offaly goalkeeper sneaks out of sister's wedding to play in Tailteann Cup

He would have had to make more outfit changes than Clarke Kent.

For anyone who claims that the Tailteann Cup isn't taken seriously, then you only have to look at Paddy Dunican to see otherwise.


Not only does the Offaly goalkeeper care about the competition and his county's performance in it, he was willing to make a sacrifice that few would dare, just to play in it.

During his sister's wedding, the number one managed to sneak away without anyone noticing, jump in goals for the team, and even keep a clean sheet as they progress to the semi-finals.

Shirt on the hanger, quick shower, gloves put back in the bag, and then it's a quick getaway, back to what is only one of the biggest days in his family's lives.


Apart from the TV cameras and the highlights on The Sunday Game, it was the Offaly social media accounts which gave him away as they put up a tweet to celebrate his commitment.

"Fair dues to Offaly goalkeeper Paddy Dunican who managed to sneak away from his sister's wedding ceremony without anyone noticing in order to play in the Tailteann Cup v New York this afternoon.

"Kept a clean sheet too! Hope he makes it back in time for the main course..."


With Offaly now guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals and a chance to play in Croke Park, he will at least give the family another big day out to look forward to.

His sister would be forgiven for popping out during the match though.