Niall Morgan has to be punished for these actions against Down 10 months ago

Niall Morgan has to be punished for these actions against Down

Sledging has always been in the game. It is not a new phenomenon.

It is seen as a method of getting inside the head of your opponent, of putting them off their game through dishing them with a few verbals.

Obviously, sometimes, it goes a little bit too far.

We've all heard the stories of players going to extreme efforts in order to upset their opponent. Some lads perform research on their opponent so they can provide them with a really personal dig.

Some lads are able to come out the better side of it, they don't let it affect them. Others can be put off though, and that's why teams pursue with it.

Teams shouldn't be allowed to pursue it, however. Sledging is obviously extremely difficult to patrol for officials, as it will generally happen when a referee's back is turned, but when it's as obvious as Niall Morgan's sledging was on Sunday, a referee should act.

The rule states that to "Threaten or to use abusive or provocative language or gestures to an opponent team-mate," is a black card by "Cynical behaviour."

When it's as obvious to the referee, and to the umpires standing a mere yard away, this has to be punished.

Niall Morgan went too far to sledge Down half back Darragh O'Hanlon on Sunday.


The Tyrone goalkeeper was obviously relieved when O'Hanlon blazed a gilt-edged goal chance wide in the first half in Clones, but there was no bloody need to turn around and to give him a bollocking, like he appeared to do.

Galway legend Pádraic Joyce was speaking on The GAA Hour Show on Thursday revealed his thoughts on the incident.

"It's the one part of the game the GAA need to clamp down on big-time. It's not just Niall Morgan. It goes on in every game. It's not nice to see. It's a part of the game we need to get out of it...That was a black card...Looking back on it this morning, he'll be embarrassed over it."

Show host Colm Parkinson was in thorough agreement.

"Instead of kicking the ball out really quickly, Niall Morgan thought the best thing to do would be to bend down and start shouting in O'Hanlon's ear. Like, What are you thinking of Niall? This looks absolutely terrible. Tyrone aren't into this cynical trash talk...Tyrone are not that type of team (anymore.) Why was that the first thing that jumped into Niall Morgan's head?"

Morgan had his job done in putting O'Hanlon off, as the Down man sent the ball wide.

He feels the need to run back to O'Hanlon in order to give him an earful. He should be trying to kickstart an attack for his team via a quick kick out.


You can only imagine what he's saying.

This type of thing has to be punished.

Listen to the lad's discussion here from 15"30' on the GAA Hour Football Show.


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