Munster GAA make extremely backward decision for All-Ireland Championship 6 years ago

Munster GAA make extremely backward decision for All-Ireland Championship

This is a head scratcher.

Munster GAA have banned live video analysis on All-Ireland matches played in the province this summer. A dumbfounding move considering the growing importance teams place on video analysis.


Simon Moroney, Munster GAA council chief executive, has written to the counties explaining the new protocol regarding recording games during the Championship.

None of Munster's six counties will be allowed record games, analysts are banned from the press box and will not be allowed produce their own 'live feed'. They will, however, be provided with a RTE DVD of the game. Which we feel will be little consolation to counties.

The reasoning behind the decision is, according to Moroney, due to health and safety concerns.  "While technically possible to provide a cabled ‘live feed’ in some locations within certain stadia it raises serious health and safety issues viz a viz the protection of both the patrons and indeed the cable itself en route and the potential disruption if technical failure or other issues arise."

"There would also be a cost factor falling on the counties requiring same. This option is not therefore permitted.”

What do you make of the decision?  Some Twitter users found it hard to fathom.

H/T The Irish Examiner.