Michael Murphy is still tearing it up at club level in Donegal championship 3 months ago

Michael Murphy is still tearing it up at club level in Donegal championship

You don't just lose it.

Donegal fans are torturing Michael Murphy to come back to the team after seeing his dominant performance in the club championship.


Murphy was playing for Glenswilly as they made it two wins from two in the championship, and edged past St Paul's in a very close game.

Overall Murphy kicked five points, three from frees at crucial moments, and was at the centre of everything in Glenswilly's defiant performance.

St Naul's were up at half-time but it only took four minutes when play resumed for Murphy to kick consecutive scores and bring them back into the lead.


The former county captain also created three scores for his team in the last ten minutes, highlighting his key ability to bring other players into the game.

It's no secret that Donegal had a mountain of troubles to contend with this season, including injuries and off-field problems, but the fact that they were missing their talisman who had been at the heart of everything for a decade and a half, really hurt them.

When times are tough it was always Murphy who could drag them over the line, show some leadership and galvanise the group, so to see him still doing it at club level will have fans hoping that he can come out of retirement.

Jim McGuinness has been appointed as the new manager and was the man who first appointed Murphy as captain, despite the fact that he was only 21 years old.


They have a brilliant relationship and with McGuinness leading everything off the pitch and his star man leading it on the field, they guided Donegal to the All-Ireland title in 2012.

Murphy has stated that he will not come out of retirement, regardless of who was appointed as manager, but nobody really expected to see McGuinness come back, and there are few men in the game who are as persuasive.

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