The meal plan that will rescue every GAA player travelling home for training 4 years ago

The meal plan that will rescue every GAA player travelling home for training

Anyone who's lived in the big smoke will know too well the scandalous prices you'll get hit for in restaurants, in chippers, even in cost-cutting supermarkets, for God's sake.

You'll also appreciate the time wasted on public transport, in crowded streets and trying to get out towards the M50 (or the M2 or M1 up north) to get on the road for travelling home.


Getting something in your stomach that's good and timely before training can force you to dip into your wallet and that's not just on a Tuesday and Thursday, that's every day you want to get to the gym and every day you can't bother your arse getting home only to start cooking.

When you're sharing accommodation, when you're doing shift work, when you're hitting the road straight after work, the idea of getting enough space, time or even clean bloody dishes to put on a big spread for yourself at home isn't always realistic.

But what if you could have all your lunches, dinners and all your food prepared for you, packaged for you, and sent straight to your door at the start of the week?

Simply Fit Food is, honest to God, a life-saver.

The Irish-based company specialises in the making and the delivery of healthy meals and snacks using locally-sourced ingredients and offers a range of different options for customers.

From bulk buyers for teams or companies or whatever else, to samplers or those looking for a specific diet or fitness plan, the company situated in Ardee, county Louth can meet the needs of different athletes and lay persons.


Founded by Evelyn Garland and Luke Judge, Simply Fit Food is designed and produced by GAA players with backgrounds and qualifications in Nutrition and in Food Science.

"The reason we established the brand was that back in January 2016 when Luke was diagnosed with a heart condition called Wolf Parkinsons White," the partners told SportsJOE.

"Already crazy into our fitness - we're both GAA players for Skerries Harps & Dreadnots in Clogherhead - Luke wanted to change the way he was eating after the operation and found meal prep an absolute pain and also very time consuming. 

"Long story short we decided to utilize both of our degrees in Food Science from UCD and Nutrition and Physical Activity in DKIT and create Simply Fit Food."

The company was set up in September 2016 and has already made 18,000 meals for the people of Ireland, north and south.


With offers of sending out five dinners, five lunches and five snacks, Simply Fit Food can sort out your eating for the entire working week and do so with nutritional value, cost value and time value - just heat the things up for three minutes and you're laughing.

At a time when the world is getting impatient and more and more fast-paced, something like this is a bona fide godsend.

All your meals to your door, readymade, tasty and healthy. All you have to do is get on with your life care-free.

And sure if you need to take it with you on the go, Urban Lifters' meal prep bag has you covered.