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22nd Mar 2017

Lee Chin reveals his three biggest gym rivals

Serious competition

Patrick McCarry

I know many people that enjoy working out but very, very few that would say they “love” any aspect of it.

Lee Chin loves going to the gym. He loves working out.

You ask him about his favourite exercises and his eyes light up. It’s a good thing we were only recording the video clips for Instagram as he would have had us their all day.

Chin recently starred in AIB GAA’s documentary The Toughest Trade on RTÉ2. As part of the show, Chin travelled to Canada to train and play with ice hockey team, Vancouver Canucks.

In return, former hockey star Alex Auld had a stint with the Wexford hurlers in Chin’s absence. The entire nation eagerly watched to see how he got on with Wexford boss Davy Fitzgerald.

Chin told us that three of his favourite experiences in Vancouver were testing himself at the training sessions, meeting the locals and ice skating up in the mountains that surround the picturesque city.

While Chin is in mighty shape for a hurler, he admits he was dwarfed by some of the Canucks stars and impressed that they could marry such strength and skill in the game. Asked for his three favourite gym work-outs, Chin says:

“Number one is benchpress. Number two would be triceps and I love working on my traps.”

As for his main competition within the Wexford hurling squad, Chin purses his lips as he thinks back to past battles.

Andrew Kenny, Harry Kehoe, Podge Doran are all pretty strong in the gym.”

The Wexford lads have earned Chin’s respect and, at the very least, he hopes that he did likewise with the NHL stars.

“It was the experience of a lifetime,” he says. “The best thing I’ve ever done.”

Converting the newcomers, one at a time.

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